Zarine Khan who debuted as a lead actress in the movie Veer starring Salman Khan has recently undergone an appendicitis operation She complained of pain in the stomach while shooting for Housefull 2. She was immediately taken to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed the ailment as appendicitis.

She had to undergo the surgery even while working in Housefull 2 at Filmistan, Mumbai. She was a little worried as to how the shooting would proceed in her absence. But the director of the film Sajid Khan assured her no end. So the cast and crew of Housefull 2 adjusted their dates to make time for her operation.

Zarine Khan is a delightful person according to sources, all the people in her film Housefull 2 are fond of the actress. So the other actors in the multistarrer could spare a change in time schedule to adjust with her operation. According to sources Zarine Khan had started shooting in Housefull 2 some two weeks ago. On any particular day she had appeared to be in a lot of pain and suffering from acute abdominal discomfort.

So even while disrupting the schedule of the shooting she was immediately put to medical treatment. Zarine is a protegee of superstar Salman Khan and this surgery is just a minor set back in her career.


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