India’s item girls does not need to go a long way to grab attention now. Yana Gupta has made the hard work easier for them. Yana is now reportedly being offered a whopping one crore deal by a foreign magazine. The offer, if accepted, will make Yana shed all her clothes, and be the USP of that edition of the magazine.

A British magazine has made the offer to Yana it appears. The item girl, who could not become an established actress in Bollywood so far, seems did just a small act to gain the much wanted attention. Recently, at none other than a charity event, the lady went without her panties. She not just missed her panties, but also wore a short mini dress, becoming the eye candy for many a camera men and audience.

To make matters more candid, Yana had back then stated that now she could be the brand ambassador for a underwear company. We are sure that the lady must have been approached by some big names of the industry. And now, it is her other clothes which have raised offers… not to be worn, but to be thrown away!


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