Who are the Worst Indian Actresses in Bollywood?

When it comes to Indian movie industry, the first name that comes to your mind is Bollywood. This industry is filled with various types of actors and actresses. However, if you categorize them into 2 primary groups, these would-be actors who can really act and actors who can hardly act. If you think about the second category, you will find several names in the list. Some deliver lackluster performances and still manage to remain in the industry due to their sheer luck, while others have to forget about their acting careers.

Worst Bollywood Actress List

The list of some of the worst actresses of Bollywood is just as long as some of the worst actors of the movie industry. Although quite a few are still there in the industry, the majority have stopped pursuing acting as their career. Here is a list of some of the worst actresses of Bollywood.

#1 – Katrina Kaif

During her acting career, Katrina has acted with several major names in the movie industry. Although considered as one of the prettiest actresses in Bollywood, she fails a lot when it comes to her acting skills. If you take one example of her pathetic acting skills, the movie Bang Bang opposite Hrithik Roshan will be a good choice. This is basically the Indian version of the popular Hollywood movie Knight and Day that featured Tom Cruz and Cameron Diaz. The movie failed to impress the audiences, one of the reasons being Katrina’s miserable performance.

#2 – Preity Zinta

Bollywood has numerous pretty actresses. However, if look beyond their beauty you will get a clearer picture about their acting skills. Preity Zinta is a good example of this statement. She is one of those untalented actresses who also lacks a good mind. Although she is not much educated and knows nothing much about anything in life, she still makes the people around her believe that she has everything figured out. The sole reason Bollywood is keeping up with her is just because of her looks.

#3 – Sonam Kapoor

She is the mega-star Anil Kapoor’s daughter. However, when it comes to her acting skills she is nowhere near her father. Although she has the height and the looks, it is the acting department that she lacks in. If you watch any of her movies, you may like them if you leave your brain outside the theater. However, if you have an eye for good quality movies, then watching her act will definitely leave you disappointed. You will feel like going up to her and throwing her out of the industry yourself.

#4 – Bipasha Basu

Although she was once a supermodel and she has the looks, according to some handful of Indians, she fails miserably when it comes to acting. She has worked alongside several popular actors of Bollywood. If any of her movies succeeded in the box office, it was entirely due to her co-actor’s skills. Take her movie Creature 3D as an example. If you watch the movie, you will understand why she has disappeared from Bollywood. Her continuous choices of bad movies along with her terrible acting skills finally brought about her downfall in the Indian movie industry.

#5 – Sonakshi Sinha

She is another star kid in Bollywood. Her father, Shatrughan Sinha, was once an extremely popular name in Indian cinema. She has acted in numerous movies till date. However, very few of those movies can be termed as successful. Even though she has worked with many talented actors during her career such as Akshay Kumar and Ranvir Singh, she could not learn anything from then in terms of acting. Take her movie Action Jackson for example. The movie was full of pathetic acting and bad effects. Most of the audiences went mad with themselves that they spent so much money on the tickets. It was enough to end Sonakshi’s acting career once and for all.

#6 – Ameesha Patel

She is one of those actresses of Bollywood who was fortunate enough to be a part of a blockbuster debut in the form of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Critics say that her co-actor, Hrithik Roshan, who had also debuted in the movie, was the primary reason for the movie becoming popular. You will also find several Bollywood insiders and fans say that Ameesha is a rather foolish young woman. Although she has the looks and everything to make others look at her twice, she lacks in the acting department. Most of the audiences merely consider her as an annoying female with no basic acting talent.

#7 – Tanisha

When it comes to acting, Tanisha is often referred to as a joke. Nobody in the industry takes her seriously, leave aside her acting skills. She worked alongside Uday Chopra in Neal and Nikki, which did not fare well at the box office. Although the industry wants her to leave them alone, she is still trying to hold on to her career.

#8 – Veena Malik

Most of the Indians see her as a completely silly woman. She is not only an extremely uneducated person, audiences really want her to go back to her hometown, Pakistan. Although she scores a lot when it comes to looks and sex appeal, she really lacks proper acting skills, because of which her movies do not taste success at the box office. Watching her act will literally make you scream and run out of the movie theater.

#9 – Deepika Padukone

Although she is the highest-paid actress in the industry and has performed really well in some of her movies, most of her movies prove that she lacks acting skills. Watching such movies will easily make you forget about her successful movies. Take her movie Happy New Year as an example. People often cringed at her performance in the movie. This movie was a comedy movie and you need to go to watch it empty-headed. Her unnecessary overacting in the movie along with her cheesy lines will make you go crazy very easily.


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