Vandana Pathak, fondly known as Jayshree of ‘Instant Khichdi’ (Star One), who was more recently seen essaying the hilarious character of a saas and a bahu simultaneously in SAB TV’s ‘Main Kab Saas Banungi’, will once again try her hands on the new comedy ‘Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahbadwalle’. Even though Vandana’s role in the serial is not that pivotal, the actress is making full efforts to make it special and put her own touch on it.

In a recent conversation with TellyCafe, Vandana said, “My role in the show is not that important as I will be playing neighbor of the leads. But the director and I are making the role more interesting by adding spice to it. My character has four children and is always busy cooking either lunch or dinner or breakfast or snacks, and so she gets quite irritated when anyone asks her any questions for any reason.

Her takiyakalaam and style worked really well in ‘… Khichdi’, so what is the actress going to do with this new role? “Let’s see, we are trying to figure out if any specific phrase that I say a lot makes my lines more interesting… like I keep saying ‘Arey Waah’ whenever someone asks me anything. As my role is not that important, we can still manage to experiment in the first few episodes and see the kind of feedback we get. Right now, I’m just eagerly waiting for the show to begin!”

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