Though the controversial drama queen Pooja Misrra was thrown out of the Bigg Boss House for indiscipline, sources indicated that she is likely to be brought back in again at a later date. Meanwhile veteran yesteryear actress Poonam Dasgupta and others like fashion designers Umar Zafar and Shaina NC and other celebrities like Smriti Irani have criticized the choice of the channel in bringing in Sunny Leone.

Dolly Bindra, meanwhile would not confirm or deny news reports that Colors had approached her for a guest appearance in Bigg Boss Season 5. “I am an artiste and if I am approached I will consider every offer. It depends on whether I am free during that time and other issues. I discuss every offer with my husband and my family before taking a decision was her very diplomatic reply.”

Poonam Dasgupta hit out at Bigg Boss Season 5 participant Sunny Leone saying, “Who is Sunny Leone. We had never heard of her in India. What is her claim to fame? She is just another porn star, part of the trash churned out by capitalist societies of the west. She was never interested in India or Indians before except when it comes to minting money by using her adult, porn star status in a show like Bigg Boss. What is her claim to fame? Indian women are hotter, sexier than a hundred Sunny Leones’ put together. We have some of the most beautiful women in India.”


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