Everyone is aware of the talks about how megastar and Bigg Boss co-host Salman Khan paved good-friend Mahek Chahal’s way into the reality show by recommending her to the makers and ensuring she was in.

Mahek was reported to have even packed her bags and readied herself to enter the show, even before the channel called her for it. Salman is also said to have recommended Mahek for two of his earlier films Wanted and Main Aur Mrs Khanna.

Recently, we also witnessed Salman’s ire on Bigg Boss contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj on the show, pulling him up very badly and bringing him to tears for having fought with Mahek in the house. Many viewers and fans even found Salman to be downright rude to Siddharth, something which has never happened with any contestant, in his two years of anchoring the show.

Now, the latest rumor in tinsel town is that Mahek’s knight-in-shining-armour has given her a pinky-promise that he will ensure her win in Bigg Boss. Having been the biggest crowd puller for Bigg Boss last year, Salman is learnt to have the highest influence on the show. If it’s true that he has assured Mahek of a win, then what can we say but: ‘Ek baar Salman ne commitment kar di, toh…’

This also brings our attention towards the over-confidence Mahek has been showing on Bigg Boss since the beginning. During all her fights and arguments, she has been constantly saying that she feels safe and no one can touch her.

Mahek has been nominated for eviction again this week. But no one believes she can be evicted. Well, it’s time to wait and watch.

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