Devon Ke Dev Mahadev is the top rated serial aired on Life Ok channel but during the awards for choosing the best performers on small screen, lack of nominations apart from two nominations for Mohit Raina (Mahadev) and Mouni Roy (Sati) in best fit male actor and actress upset the entire crew who allege their years of hard work went un-recongised for unknown reasons. This is not the only show complaining and many others are secretly saying the same thing.

One actor laughingly tells us, “It’s so funny to see Mohit Raina nominated for the best fit actor category and not not for the best actor, as if he is hosting a fitness show. Apparently, both the production house and the channel are miffed at this. The show surely deserved better nominations being the most talked about mythological show especially due to its production quality. It is so strange to know that a show like ‘Shobha Somnath Ki’, which failed to generate encouraging ratings, gets nominated for costumes but Mahadev hasn’t.”

One of the veteran producers alleges, “This rigging business is probably the reason Aamir Khan has boycotted awards and in any case audiences appreciation is the best award for any show. We wish there was a body to authenticate the nomination system.” We hope that Mahadev can ignore this folly. After all, to err is human and to forgive is divine!


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