The recent controversial marriage of television actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4′ has given rise to a big question. Evidences reveal that both the actors got married two years back but they kept it as a secret and married here again in the reality show just to churn out money and increase TRPs for the show.

Now, the question arises that what forced them to hide their marriage when everyone knew that they were dating each other and were also very committed in their relationship. No doubt, the couple was too young to marry then as Sara was only 19 and just started her career in the television industry. But they have not admitted it till today and then re-married on the show.

Most of the television stars live in this fear of losing their fans if they say that they are already married. The same happened with Sara’s ‘Bidaai’ co-star Angad Hasija, who maintained his single status in the public forum until early this year when he declared that he is married and just wanted to settle in the industry before being tagged as a married man. Another popular actor from the same show, Kinshuk Mahajan, also shied away from his committed status until his track in the show ended.

It seems that tele-stars have become more conscious about their fan following than the Bollywood stars. We can understand this trick in the case of female stars because they hardly get any lead role following marriage but why are the male stars so bothered? Only handful of the viewers may be concerned about their marital status but it hardly affects their popularity or fan list. We hope the television stars realize the reality and come out with their marital status in time without keeping their fans in the dark.


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