Bigg Boss 4 is turning out to be one of the most confusing reality shows on television these days. The inmates have the most amusing ideas up their sleeves making it a different experience each time one watches it.

However, amongst all the inmates, it is the Pakistani inmate Veena Malik who is one of the most confused of all of them.

This gal surely knows how to grab the public eye. Everyday a new facet of her personality comes out in open. She had come in as a hot item gal with the most sizzling dance steps in the first episode, and entered the house quite like a diva.

Gradually she turned herself into a bombshell, and made the audiences go gaga over her in numerable collection of stilettos in almost every color available in the market.

Then, she showed her absolutely down-to-earth image with her very desi gal plaits and attire in traditional suits. Only to be switched over to a hep gal with her western outfits and she experimented with various looks. Her attitude seemed to change along with her dress change.

She would act pretty down-to-earth with her desi garb, only to turn into a sizzling dance queen with her western attire! Gosh, now the gal is being reportedly called a bookie going by tabloid reports.

The gossip mills are running wild to actually find out who the real Veena Malik is. Is she the innocent gal or the hidden drama queen on the show? Will Veena Malik reveal her real self any time soon?


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