Now that the publicity crazy love birds Sara Khan and Ali Merchant who could fake affairs and relationships for TRPs, have decided to get married on national television in the Bigg Boss house allegedly for a price of Rs 50 lakh for Tv rights, the question remains as to where will the couple spend their first night or the wedding night as it’s normally referred to. Irrespective of the fact whether the couple has lived together in the past or not, the first night or the wedding night, followed by the honeymoon is sacrosanct for couples all over the world. Will Sara Khan and Ali Merchant forfeit that privacy and personal space for the Rs 50-lakh payment or will Bigg Boss provide them a ‘special marital chamber’ without cameras? If Colors and Endemol make this exception, they would be setting a precedent, paving a way for many such future Bigg Boss celebrity weddings. Besides Bigg Boss would be breaking his own rules.

The million dollar question is – How will the conservative Indian TV viewer accept this situation – a young couple spending the wedding night either seperately or together (if permitted by Bigg Boss) but under the glare of TV cameras. Will this set a precedent for other televised marriages and Reality Shows where the marriage and honeymoon will become part of a reality show? Most religions including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam consider the institution of marriage sacred and unvoidable. Divorce, though now common is still frowned upon by conservatives from all religions. The idea is to protect the family, young children from the marriage and the entire community at large. Will such televised tamashas shatter the little bit that is left of marriage, with celebrities vying with each other to get the maximum moolah for a televised wedding with pre-scripted draam thrown in for effect and TRPs.

Our in-house psychic and astrologer Flintoff Mintoff says Sara Khan and Ali Merchant will exit the Bigg Boss house after their wedding? Will they, won’t they? Keep reading this blog to know more.. We will bring you hourly updates as we get the juicy news.


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