It was reported few days back that Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz is enjoying her holidays with her on-off beau American baseball player Alex Rodriguez and his little kids. The couple was reportedly on a Christmas vacation in Mexico and had a great time with each other as well as with the kids, who bonded well with Diaz.

However, the happy days of holidays are over and they are back on their destinations. Cameron is back to her home in Los Angeles and Alex Rodriguez has moved to his home in Miami. Cameron made full use of this holiday and bonded with her beau’s kids so that she can prove herself to be the best step-mom in the coming days. Diaz has been dating the baseball player since early this summer.

Now, what can we expect after this long holiday? Is there any plan to walk the aisle in the coming days or they want to take some more time to take the wedding vows finally. We are sure that Cameron has tried her best to prove herself as good mother. Now, Alex Rodriguez has to decide if he finds Diaz the best mom for his two daughters.

Hope to hear from the celebrity couple very soon!


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