Everyone commits faux pas. Even the most celebrated individuals are prone to committing bloopers. Singer-composer Anu Malik had one such embarrassing moment at the press conference of Indian Idol on Thursday, when he failed to identify TV actors Vishal Gandhi and Krystal D’Souza. The two actors from Aahat were invited at the last minute to be part of Indian Idol’s press conference.

Before Malik could call curtains for then night, he was informed about inviting the Aahat actors to the dais. One doesn’t know whether the official failed to mention the actors’ names to him, or did Malik couldn’t get it right. It all happened in a jiffy.

A harried Malik blurted, “Just one last thing. We have some special guests. They are great, great actors. Can we have them on stage please?”

The word great drew excitement among the scribes but they were disappointed to see Aahat actors Gandhi and D’Souza. The duo too looked a little embarrassed at being referred as great, great actors.

“At around 7, we were told by channel officials to rush to Indian Idol’s press conference. We didn’t even get time to ponder why we’re required there. It was a little embarrassing when Malik addressed to us as greats. The moment the dais cleared, Malik came and apologized to us for not knowing our names. Frankly, we weren’t so disappointed nor did we expect him to apologize. It’s was so humble of him to do so,” opined Gandhi.

Well, if he didn’t know them earlier, Malik will certainly not forget Vishal Gandhi and Krystal D’Souza now.


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