A new chapter in the Malayalam Film Industry Unfolded as the Director Vinayam finally managed to release his movie “Yakshium Njaanum” on Friday. Vinayam conquered insurmountable odds and stuck with his project till the end.

The director referred to superstars as the curse of the Film industry as they try to control every aspect of film making. According to the director, the era of the superstars is going to end soon, because the new breed of actors and actresses will not wield the same amount of power as their predecessors did. Vinayam is hopeful that the era of the Superstars will come to an end within a year.

Vinayam further added that actors like Jagathy Sreekumar, Indran, Guinness Pakru, Poonam Kaur had backed off from the project because they were threatened by some influential Malayalam superstar. Even the technicians were not spared and were threatened with dire consequences if they continued working with Vinayam. The lobby had approached the parents of Meghana Raj coaxing them to abandon the project but they did not budge an inch.

At the press meet Vinayam was accompanied by actors Sudheer, Gautum, cameraman Nawas and the editor Pradeep.


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