Vidya Balan is now taking offers from the Tamil and Malayalam film industry into account. The actress had been approached with offers in thick before but she usually decline. She has changed her mind now to please her parents.

As per reports from a source, Vidya’s parents Palakkad Iyers are Tamil Brahmins and they want their daughter to act in Tamil and Malayalam films. In the South Indian film industry, she had made her debut with Chakram, a Malayalam movie. But the movie bit the dust at the box office. As a result, she was labeled a jinx by the Malayalam film industry. Then, she was signed for a Tamil movie. Unfortunately, Trisha replaced her after a few days of shooting. Following this incident, she moved away from the south.

However, the scenario has taken a U-turn with Urumi, a Malayalam film by Santosh Sivan. She will dance on an item number in this movie. Vidya’s role in Urumi, though not full-fledged, is a gift from her to her parents. The sensuous item number that Vidya will be doing in the film is a fusion of various classical and contemporary dance forms.

Dressed in a South Indian saree, Vidya attended recently an award ceremony in the South. Since then, she has been getting bombarded with big-money offers from leading brands for saree, jewelry and coffee endorsements.


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