Vibha Anand’s portrayal of Sugna in the popular daily Balika Vadhu provided her the platform to prove her metal as the young talented actress. Her character was shown facing the many challenges which are thrown in the way of a young married girl.

Vibha who is known for her lively personality could not help laughing while shooting for scenes where she was supposed to be acting as pregnant or as a young mother. While talking to TellyCafe, Vibha says, “I simply could not help laughing during such scenes where I was supposed to play mature. It was so difficult for me because these scenes especially required me to stay serious. But I ended up laughing uncontrollably. After many takes and a number of warnings from my director was I finally able to compose myself.”

So did the young actress find it awkward to portray these mature aspects of the character, “No I wouldn’t say I feel awkward or shy but it’s just how I really am. That is the way I react to such type of situations”.

Vibha’s character has progressed through a variety of stages. While it started out as the daughter of a rich Marwari family, progressed on to a young wife to a widow and was then shown going for a second marriage. And I’m sure it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the actress has portrayed each of these facets with equal élan.


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