The fans of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ will have an extra thrill in the coming season as the producer Kevin Williamson is planning for a companion series for 2011-12 season. Kevin is in talks with ‘The CW Television Network’ but nothing has been finalized yet.

There is a buzz that Kevin Williamson has been appointed as the writer for the new companion series. It is still in the early stages of development but as per the sources it would be a one-hour drama, which will show a group of researchers investigating the paranormal happenings.

You might be wondering if any of the TVD characters can be seen in the new series but we are still unknown about this. There is no news on whether the pilot would be telecast as an episode of TVD or not. The sources added that TVD executive producer Julie Plec is also associated with the new project.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ has been a successful show in both the seasons so anything on this line must be interesting enough to grab the eyeballs. The new series will be in the same line of supernatural world.

For now, we will have to satisfy with this piece of news until any development occurs on this.

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