Chennai, Jan 6: It is really so Unfortunate! While 2011 could be a big milestone returning huge money to Kolavert di for his masterpiece song, but for Dhanush everything is in vain. Poor fellow! It was not at all thought before by him that someone else would make the kingship on his money. The fact appears that Sony purchased the right of Dhanush from Kolveri paying a very little money. It was not known to Dhanush that the song would make a big strike. He along with his family members became so disappointed to find that different versions of Kolaveri Di received overwhelming response.

This south Indian Tamil singer has basically noting to do while the Myriad version are just moving like anything as he has already sold the Hindi Version and the ball is already out of his court. As he said disgracefully, releasing of any version of Kolaveri is no further possible for him without the approval of Sony and he would have to be satisfied with the money what he has received. However, he is not regretting on the issue. According to him, it has given a new light on his path because whatever he received that is beyond price to him. The ambitious singer is now planning to open Kolaveris which is supposed to be his music company with collaboration of the genius A.R.Rahaman. Let us hope for the best for this Tamil Singer.


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