A few hundred Mahek Chahal supporters on Twitter who are known to create a ruckus in support of their ‘idol’, got a shock when celebrity publicist and Bigg Boss specialist Dale Bhagwagar took them on in a verbal fight to the finish, on the social networking site.

‘Mahekians’ as they call themselves, apart from some other contestants, have been repeatedly attacking ex-Bigg Boss Housemate Pooja Bedi, on her Twitter, ever since she exposed some points about Mahek and openly spoke to the media about the starlet’s ‘closeness’ to Salman Khan and a ‘bias’ towards her on India’s biggest reality show.

This week, when Pooja posted a web link on her Twitter, of an article which exposed a speculated ‘conspiracy’ behind getting Mahek evicted from Bigg Boss and planting her back on the show after clarification interviews in a pre-planned exercise, the few hundred Mahekians pounced on Pooja, flooding her account with scathing remarks.

In a gesture of solidarity, Dale Bhagwagar, who is well known for handling the media for some of the most controversial Bollywood celebrities on reality shows including Shilpa Shetty (during Big Brother), Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Ashmit Patel, Sherlyn Chopra and Pooja Misrra (Bigg Boss), stood up in Pooja Bedi’s support.

Informing the Twitterati that Pooja Bedi was his ‘phone friend’ and also on his BlackBerry Messenger, Dale fully supported her over the scathing verbal attacks on the social networking site. Resultantly, the Mahekians began abusing him too, least realizing that the PR guru is a pro at handling crisis management.

Giving it back to them tooth and nail, Dale pulled up the indecent Mahekians one after the other, reminding them how “rude and arrogant” they were; even stating that they were “a blot on the lovely Mahek as her so-called fans.”

Searching Google, he defiantly put up many other links of articles on his Twitter, similar to the one Pooja Bedi had posted, challenging the Mahekian Twitterati in a multiple-tweet-duel which lasted for more than 12 hours. Dale posted almost 400 replies in a rejoinder to thousands of tweets by the abusive fans of the starlet.

“I have nothing against Mahek Chahal, but I will not tolerate any rudeness and arrogance towards me or Pooja Bedi,” tweeted the PR specialist, declaring that he will now also support Pooja Bedi whenever she wants to say anything about any Bigg Boss contestant including Mahek Chahal.

Ultimately, when the Mahekians realized the issue could be blown out of proportion in national media and could go against their ‘idol’, some of them started sending diplomatic tweets to the publicist, who was in no mood to listen to them this time. “I don’t think even Mahek would like such obnoxiously rude fans. Shame on you all,” he reiterated on Twitter.

“Thanks Dale for the support! Glad to join hands and expose the malaise in the system and set things right! Hugs and love! I wonder what Mahekians will say if I had to reveal all that I DO KNOW!! They’d flee and disassociate from her instantly! Mahekians only reflect their ‘idol’ with their abusive offensive behaviour! Why bother with trash? Let them rot in peace,” replied Pooja Bedi.


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