It has been enough of ‘hide and seek’ game in Star Plus’ ‘Tere Liye’. Even though Taani was always sure of her feelings about Anurag, the guy could never realize her sacrifices and feelings for him. He always misunderstood and avoided her feelings.

On the other hand, Anurag’s younger brother Robindo is a totally changed man now and is in deep love with Taani’s childhood friend Mouli. But Mouli always considered him to be a big flirt having lots of affairs with different girls.

Finally, the time has come when the brothers will realize that they need to confess their love for their ladies. When Robindo was confident about his love, he could not show it to Mouli so he decides to invite all his ex-girlfriends in a party. Mouli feels very uncomfortable with the idea and did not like the way Robindo invited all these girls but the big surprise will come to her when he confesses his true love for her in front of all of them.

Coming to Anurag and Taani, the feelings become stronger when Taani leaves for Mumbai in search of Anurag’s ex-girl Nupur. Anurag stars missing her very much and realizes how selflessly Taani loved him and had been a string support for him in every situation. Then he also follows Taani and after a long wait the audience will see the moment when Anurag also confesses his love for Taani.

Don’t miss the coming episodes to witness Robindo and Anurag’s love confession!

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