Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan had a great opening on Friday with an estimated collection of Rs.12.75 crore on the first day.

The movie has managed to garner its position at the number three in the great openings list .The number one position this year has of course been occupied by Dabangg with an astounding collection of Rs.14 crore on the opening day. The number two is still occupied by the Raju Hirani film 3 Idiots with Rs.13 crore at the box office.

Tees Maar Khan had collected an estimated Rs.13.50 crore on the second day, i.e., Saturday and it was a great day for the film makers. Director Farah Khan was extremely pleased that the movie had collected more on Saturday and had tweeted about it too. The collections on Friday and Saturday put together were somewhere between 26.50 crore, which was quite a good one. However it remains to be seen, if this movie can bring about a reasonable collections in the first weekend after Sunday’s collections are registered.

The first weekend collections of Dabangg was Rs.48.5 crore and 3Idiots was Rs.40 crore. Thus it remains to be seen if TMK manages to come anywhere near the first two in the list of big collections on the opening weekend.

The other release Toonpur Ka Superrhero was not much of a money churner and official figures are yet to be out. It was however quite a dull opener on the first day itself.


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