For over a decade, Balaji Telefilms has achieved prime time loyalty. As a premier production house, Balaji has seldom settled for any other slot.

Over the last fortnight, the industry has been guessing the time slot for their new show, Sarvagunn Sampann, on Imagine. It was widely speculated that Imagine will have to bump off one of its existing shows to make way for Sarvagunn Sampann. However, the other shows can breathe easy as Balaji, surprisingly, has opted for the 7.00 pm slot.

“Sarvagunn Sampann will launch on 10th May and will air at 7.00 pm. It wasn’t an easy decision for either the channel or the production house. In the end, one had to settle with it. New shows are expected but so far there’s been no decision on which show to axe. In the given circumstances, the 7.00 pm slot was vacant, thus, Sarvagunn Sampann had to be accommodated there,” said a channel insider.

Meanwhile, speculation over Pooja Bose’s future in the show now appears to be a publicity stunt.

An actor from the show informs, “Pooja Bose has been shooting with us daily. I don’t think she’s being replaced. We’ll be leaving soon for Kolhapur, too.”


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