In a move that will come as a surprise to its viewers, Kashi is all set to take a leap in the coming months. It’s even more astonishing that the show had just introduced the parallel lead Bijyanti (Nethra Kapoor) recently and barely a day since her introduction, we’re hearing that there will be a leap in this Imagine TV show.

“Unfortunately, the show’s launch during IPL didn’t yield the desired results. As a result, we’re now going for the leap. The hunt for the new Kashi and Bijyanti has already begun. Hopefully, two new girls will be finalized in the next month. We’ll be showing the kids for another month, thus, the leap will only come into effect later on,” says a source.

An actor requesting anonymity says, “I haven’t got any official intimation yet but have been the getting these feelers for some time. The tale of the kids was initially meant to last for at least a year, but, perhaps, the channel must have taken this call keeping their interests in mind. However, the leap will not happen immediately. It’s only yesterday that Bijyanti made her debut. So, the kids will be seen for at least another month.”

The word emanating from the production is different. “It is not a leap but a natural progression of the story. Jannat was initially contracted for 20 episodes but we stretched to 40. TRPs have got nothing to do with the change. Besides, Jannat and Nethra will be seen for further two months,” said a source from the production.

Despite repeated attempts, both Jannat (Kashi) and Nethra remained unavailable for comment. Producer Pintoo Guha, too, didn’t reply to our text message.


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