Supriya Pathak is making her return to small screen with a hilarious serial titled Alakshmi on Hats Off productions. Supriya is making a come back after a long break and this time she wants to break it with a comedy touch. She says, “I enjoy doing both films and television. A touch of humor is very important for entertainment shows. Real life is way too serious so television shows and films need to be entertaining.”

Alakshmi will feature Supriya in a supernatural role of a grandmother who returns to her family after her death to bail them out of the problems they are facing. Revealing more about her role Supriya said, “My character is confined to a photo frame from where she tries to convince her husband to allow their son to marry Lakshmi, a girl who is believed to be the bearer of bad luck. Hence the name ‘Alakshmi’.”

Small screen soap opera lovers can take a break from serious saas bahu serials and enjoy Supriya Pathak’s Alakshmi laughing away their daily tensions and pressures. Many feel Supriya is capable of creating a laughing riot in all houses across India considering her versatility in acting and performing with ease.


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