As Anil Kapoor had earlier decided to remake the American television show “24” for India, at the moment he would have to abort the plans of remaking “24”. We heard before Star India bought rights to remake the American television project from Anil Kapoor for a whooping 85 crore. But now Star India has aborted the deal.

The PR machinery of the channel as well as actor Anil Kapoor are not available for comments regarding this reports. The channel felt that “24” is too Hollywoodish, and it would not be an easy task to Indianise the project and tone down the western aspects. Also the adaptation by Kapoor of “24” would not be matching the image of the channel which is popular for family dramas.

As the deal has been called off, Anil might be trying to contact other channels for his show. When Abhinay Deo, who is going to direct the project was asked about the latest developments, the film maker refuted by saying that the channel mentioned in the newspaper was never contacted for the project, all were mere speculations. The show will be aired sooner or later but Deo cant tell the timeframe within which “24” will be launched.


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