There is something really different going to be aired on Sony TV for the Indian viewers. However, this is again a copy of a foreign reality show. Sony Entertainment Television will soon launch the Indian version of the UK reality show ‘Wife Swap’.

Don’t start speculating just going by the title because the Indian sentiments are considered while making the show for the viewers here. Here, instead of swapping of wives, celebrity mothers will be swapped with common mothers. This little change was required considering Indian culture and tradition.

As per the sources, celebrity mothers like Tanaz Currim Irani and Delnaz Paul have already been approached to participate in the show.

In India, the show will be launched in association with UTV. In the international version, the wives of two families are swapped for two weeks. So, in the first week the woman has to adjust with the values of her new family and in the second week, the family has to cooperate with the wife.

It seems that Indian people have fallen short of creative new ideas so they often keep copying the foreign version of any reality show.

However, if you are interested to get a celebrity mother for few days then don’t miss the opportunity!

Sampurn Wire


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