Sonam Kapoor the daughter of Anil Kapoor declared that she have had no problems with Abhay Deol. In fact, just after the movie of Anil Kapoor, Abhay was in two minds if it was his great mistake. There was a tremendous dispute with him and Anil Kapoor with some issues. Now when people were having gossip about Sonam’s bitterness with Abhay she got annoyed. She said clearly that she never had any such problems with Abhay Deol. If anything ever had happened, that was only inbetween her daddy Anil and him. In a press conference, Sonam was asked about her present relationship with Abhay where she very casually kept off the issue saying that it is only a bad rumor.

In fact, Sonam appreciated Abhay like anything and said that his acting style matches with Sonam such that working with Abhay was really a nice experience. It is easy for her to cope up with him in all situations. As a co-star, he is unique and a rare alternative. It is on the other hand his appearance, acting and style was highly appreciated by Sonam. According to her, they are one of the best matching co-stars so why these media personalities are just cropping up such rumours of this type is really a big question for her. When it was asked to Abhay he also appreciated Sonam as a good co-star but regarding Anil Kapoor he made no comments.


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