Karan Johar and his hot sips of Koffee are certainly turning Bollywood babes go crazy to spend some time on the couch chatting with him. Now the buzz doing the rounds is that Karan Johar was looking for someone from the younger lot of heroines that would be the right gal to sit along with dancing diva Madhuri Dixit and chat with him.

However the shock was when KJO started receiving calls from most of the younger lot of actresses left, right and centre! Now reports suggest that the calls were mostly made by these gals so as to request KJO to invite them to accompany Madhuri on the couch.

These new starlets wanted to come to the show with Madhuri so that it could add a feather to their caps. Not only was Karan amused, he was also quite surprised to see how popular Madhuri was even to this day.

Now after having thought about the perfect gal who could add a bit of zing to his show for the Madhuri episode, KJO has reportedly finalized Dabangg debutant Sonakshi Sinha. It is going to be this lucky damsel who’s going to accompany the diva to make it a great show to remember and cherish.

Thus Koffee with Karan is going from adding froth to twist to his hot sips of the beverage which is being lapped up by the audiences at every sip. So if you happen to be a great lover of Madhuri and Sonakshi, just wait for this hot- hot episode to spread its aroma in your living room!


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