Sonakshi Sinha is being seen as one of Bollywood’s most promising newcomers and she is keen to maintain the partnership that led to her first success.

Recently, she shocked everyone by opting out of Race 2 to accommodate the Dabangg sequel, but the big-eyed beauty says it’s a matter of commitment.

“It’s not about picking and choosing per se. It’s about ethics and which film I had committed to doing first,” quoted her as telling tabloid!

“Unfortunately, the Race 2 shooting was pushed forward and that meant that it ate into my Dabangg 2 dates. So there was no way I could accommodate both films,” she said.

Another reason she is not ready to let go of the Dabangg experience is because the first film experience is ‘special’.

“Your first film is always special to you and your first co-star is equally special. I can’t wait to re-live the whole Dabangg experience again,” she said. (ANI)


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