Soha and Saif ‘s dad, Mansoor Ali khan Pataudi has left for his heavenly abode recently but the void he has left behind, is becoming impossible to fill as far as his family is concerned. His daughter actress Soha Ali khan is very much shocked with the fastness of the chronology as no one could even think in even wildest of his or her dreams of him being departed so early because he was in good shape and there was no sign of his being in such a dire strait.

She could not forget his love and this is proving difficult for herself and the family to come over. It is not easy for someone to come out of the grief if he or she has lost somebody so close to heart and so suddenly that nobody could make up one’s mind to face the shock and here is the same situation where a loving daughter is missing badly her loving and caring father who has become a soul and now she could never get the emotional hug which gave the elixir to her in her hour of the need.

We don’t have any words for consoling Soha, but we hope with her father’s blessings, we will see more of Soha onscreen, and we pray she will have a successful career in Bollywood.


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