The media has criticized the presence of reality shows discards in Indian Idol 5. To be fair to these contestants, they deserve a second chance. More than another opportunity, one needs to look into the fact that these five singers are still seeking their basic dreams, i.e to feed their families.

Manisha Karmakar, Vishwas Rai, Sashi Suman, Arvind Gujral, and Yashraj Kapil, each have their own set of needs that sees them trying their luck at Indian Idol 5. Yashraj Kapil is one who is arousing everyone’s interest. After all, he’s won Real TV’s ‘Sitaron ko Chhoona Hai’ and pocketed a cool cash prize of Rs. 10 million. Not to forget a contract with Times Music.

After attaining such goodies, what’s the need for him to come on Indian Idol 5? He’s earned his pound of flesh from ‘Sitaron Ko Chhoona Hai’. Or has he?

Real TV had a disastrous run and shut its active programming in less than a year. The channel hardly generated any GRPs, thereby incurring huge financial losses. The ones who suffered were obviously the actors and reality show participants, some of whom allegedly never got their dues.

Rumours have it that Kapil wasn’t given his due and was only paid a few lakh Rupees as prize money. The singer supposedly disclosed this fact to a close aide.

“When we last had a word, Yashraj told me that he didn’t get the prize money nor the contract that was due to him on account of winning ‘Sitaron Ko Chhoona Hai’. When he asked for his due, he was told to go the production. The producer in turn told him that when the channel didn’t exist, they didn’t have funds to reward him. Apparently, he was told to take a few lakhs rupees and seal his lips. I don’t know whether he got all his dues but the fact that’s he’s on Indian Idol leads to speculation all the more that he didn’t get it,” said the source.

TellyCafe tried to catch up with Kapil at the press conference on Thursday, but the Delhi boy refused to speak claiming that he isn’t suppose to talk to the media without official intimation. We tried contacting him again but to no avail.

It will be foolish to assume things without hearing from the horse’s mouth. We hope that Kapil obliges us soon. Till then, the readers are free to draw their own interpretations.


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