Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor’s mom Neelima Azim has reportedly separated from her third husband Ustad Raza Ali Khan and this is being speculated because Raza has recently left for Kolkata.

According to the buzz, the couple that is Neelima Azim and hubby Raza would be constantly having arguments until one fine day Raza just moved out and went away to Kolkata.

However, according to counter reports Neelima Azim denies the rumors and insists that it is not that she and Raza have separated. Rather it is out of mutual arrangement that both have decided to go in for such a decision as Raza was not able to do so well for himself in Mumbai, so he shifted to Kolkata for better prospects.

Neelima Azim who had separated from Pankaj Kapoor, Shadid’s dad when Shahid was only three years old. After that she reportedly had married Rajesh Kattar who is also an actor and had a son with him and named him Ishaan.

However, after having separated from him, she had got into marital bliss with Ustad Raza Ali Khan.

Neelima and Raza lived happily in Yari Road Mumbai for years and now news about their separation is all over the place.


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