Bollywood’s perfectionist Amir Khan who took entire country by storm with his reality show ‘Satyameva Jayate’ will be surprised to note that the show’s ratings nosedived after the airing of the latest show. The TV show that opened with a rating of 3.8 TVR (Television Viewer Ratings), recorded 2.9 TVR in the month of June according to reports.

Entire India and general public in particular appreciated the show and the courage of Amir Khan for taking over the system and trying his best to clean the rot in the society. But While Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate continues to generate awareness among masses, the show’s ratings have seen a downward trend. According to reports the most stunning aspect is Madhuri Dixit ‘Jhalak Dhikla Jaa’ is doing better than Amir’s Satyameva Jayathe opening at 4.1 TVR and going great guns.

Amir who is not bothered about the trend says, “This is the kind of debate we had hoped to generate and discussions among people across, you know, the country – whether it is small towns, villages or cities, across economic groups. And that is exactly what is happening and me and my entire team is really happy about that.” While advertisers reportedly are not happy with Satyamev Jayate’s high advertisement rates and dipping TRPs, Aamir Khan is thinking about a fresh season for Satyamev Jayate. “If people like the show much as to want a second season of the show, I would be happy to do that. So for me, this journey does not end here. I am hoping it will go on,” Aamir said.


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