In this era of television, where most of the shows are going gaga about their vamps and villains, Star Plus’ ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ is one such show, which has been much popular among the viewers without any vamp!

The show is soon going to complete its successful 200th episode and the actors are very happy with the progress. It is the simple story of the ‘Kashyap family’ that lives happily together in Old Delhi. In this era of neutral family, the Kashyap family is a great example of a happy joint family, where every member bonds well with the other by the strings of love.

There is no jealousy, no back biting, no gossips and no cruel mother-in-law. Starting from the oldest member of the family, dada and dadi, every character is interesting in its own way. The eldest couple will be often seen fighting with each other but that also adds fun element to the show because the next moment they patch up.

In fact, the lead characters also don’t have a typical romantic relationship. Suhana is a spoiled child of a rich man but with time, she also starts to adjust with the middle class joint family of her ‘official’ husband (as she calls him) Ishaan. The character of Ishaan is also very sweet, matured, witty and understanding in his own way. He loves Suhana so much but never expresses in front of her and Suhana even does not know what she feels about him even after staying so many months with him.

In the hustle bustle of life, we forget enjoy the time with family and ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ reminds you to find out that valuable little time for your close ones. You will end up having a smile on your face after watching the show.

Now, as the show completes 200th episode very soon, Ragini Khanna, who plays Suhana, says that she is extremely happy with this journey and wishes the show completes 1000th episode too.

Jay Soni aka Ishaan has a double bonanza as the show completes double century because he has recently own the ‘best actor’ award at the recently held Indian Television Award and that too for this show.

Like Suhana, we wish the show goes on with many more episodes and keeps on spreading the positive vibes among the viewers!

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