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It was the year 2015 when the Indian television saw a sudden eruption of a pop-cut girl getting aired on almost every channel. She would talk about the product in her sweet and playful voice, which seemed nice initially, but got irritating with time. This was the ad campaign of Airtel about their 4G networking system in the country and the girl was Sasha Chettri. Due to the frequent airing of the ad on multiple channels, people started to hate the ad and Sasha. Nonetheless, the girl soon gained immense popularity all across the country.

Sasha Chettri Early Life & Birthdate (DOB)

Sasha Chettri was born in the beautiful town of Dehradun in Uttarakhand on the 20th of November, 1996. Since her early days Sasha was a gregarious and dynamic girl. She completed her graduation from the Xavier’s Institute of Communications with a degree in Advertising. Ever since her early days Sasha had a passion for media, which basically made her pursue a career in this field.

Sasha is basically 5 feet 3 inches in height and weighs a mere 49kgs. Her eye color and hair color are both black. She is not someone you would call fat. On the contrary, she boasts of an hourglass figure. She made her advertisement debut from the Airtel ad campaign.

This ad campaign soon made her a popular face on the Indian television. According to a report by the Broadcast Audience Research Council India or BARC, the Sasha Chettri featuring Airtel 4G ad was aired 54506 times in a time span of 2 months between 19th September, 2015 and 20th November, 2015. Within these 2 months Sasha featured on the Indian television for 20 straight days. It is also rather surprising to know that she enjoyed more airtime than most other celebrities on TV. This Airtel ad campaign also fetched her several other ad projects and Sasha has also received several serious movie projects from different filmmakers.

Sasha Chettri Personal Life

Even before Sasha started working for Airtel, she worked as a Copywriter for Creative Asia. This stint as a copywriter also helped her become a good writer. The Airtel ad made her popular in such a way that you may love her or hate her, but you certainly cannot ignore her. She also received plenty of economical support after the Airtel 4G ad. She soon gained popularity at par with some of the Bollywood celebrities. Sasha soon started having an affair with Sachin Gupta, who is a musician. Their love affair lasted for a short while and during that time both were open about their relationship in public. However, they had to part ways in the year 2015.

Interesting Facts about Sasha Chettri

  • Sasha Chettri is highly active on various social media platforms
  • She has given herself a fancy nickname of “Riksha Rani”
  • An Aquarian by birth, Sasha is soon to find herself in a Telugu movie.

Before The Airtel 4G Ad Campaign

In the year 2015, Airtel called Sasha Chettri for an audition for their upcoming 4G ad to be aired on Indian television channels. The company was on the lookout for a girl who could strike up a conversation with anyone, was confident, and, most importantly, did not look like a professional model. This was the first ad campaign for her and she was in utter disbelief to find out that she was asked to come again. Sasha said that she never wanted to go for the audition in the first place. This was because she was supposed to cut her long hair short and she was not even confident that they would select her. Even after she was shortlisted, Sasha thought it all to be a joke.

After getting selected for the ad campaign, the director of the ad revealed that they were searching for a girl who was confident enough and did not look like any professional model. Even though they did not have any plans to choose an unconventional person, they liked the chemistry Sasha shared with the camera. Once the ad campaign started the once unknown girl soon became a common face all across the nation. Apart from television ads, you would also find billboards and newspaper ads of Sasha in the Airtel 4G campaign. Due to the frequent airing of the ad, people soon started calling her the Airtel 4G girl.

Many of you may think that 19 years is the time in your life that should be spent educating yourself. However, being different from the rest also has its own advantages. Sasha Chettri, who was an unknown name in India once, soon became a sensation almost overnight due to the Airtel 4G ad campaign. The quirky and confident nature of the girl helped her bag the ad campaign, which also helped her taste fame and success in life. However, all of this is not possible if your family does not support you at all. Her father, mother, and elder sister all backed her in her career that soon skyrocketed once the Airtel 4G ad was aired.

It is a common idea that bagging a good role in a movie or a television soap will help you get popular with time. People also try several ways to get lucky and bag a movie or two in the film industry. However, simply working in an ad campaign can also help you get popular is something not known to many of you. The natural chemistry between Sasha and the camera is what made her comfortable working for the ad. She looked natural during shoot and also made her co-actors natural and comfortable with her. Although she had to go through a breakup with Sachin Gupta during the early part of her career, she soon forgot about it and carried on with her life in her own terms. Her successful stint in the world of media and advertisement is quite understood as she showed a great interest in media from her early days. Her education in this field also helped her a lot in her career.


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