Sanghamitra Chaudhuri has finished shooting for her new movie “The Bhoot of Rose Ville” and she is ready to send it for review by the censor board. Chaudhuri says, she will be seeking an A certificate for her movie, but there is something else that is bothering the director. The upcoming movie has some explicit scenes which might get chopped by the censor board.

Commenting on the issue, Chaudhuri said she has tried to make this movie look like a documentary so that it can serve its purpose as a true horror flick. She explained that the actors have a no-makeup natural look in the movie which makes it even more authentic. Chaudhuri has decided not to put any songs into her new movie so that the audience can feel closer to the plot.

According to the filmmaker a certain amount of exposure is necessary to induce the element of horror. The veteran director thinks it is about time Bengali audience grows up and does not flinch every time there is some explicit scene. When asked about her next step if the scenes get chopped, the director said she will challenge the decision by referring other Indian films with A-certificate that had disturbing scenes as well.


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