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The film industry is one such industry that promises to either make a person extremely popular overnight or destroy the popularity of a person within hours. This is one such factor that has attracted many people to the film industry all across the world. If you speak to any person from the industry, you will come to know that new faces are seen in the film industry every single day. Although the possibility of making it big in the industry is not too big, people still try their luck with the hope of succeeding.

India is one such country that is blessed with several film industries spread across the nation. You will come across Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood, and many more in this country. One of them is Kollywood that is situated in the state of Tamilnadu in the southern part of the country. Kollywood has witnessed several popular names both in the past and present, one of which is Sandy Master. He is a popular name in Tamilnadu and is popular as a choreographer. He received his chance to show his talent in the film industry after proving himself in Manada Mayilada Season 1, which is a dance reality show. Kala Master, who is Sandy’s dance guru, gave him the responsibility to choreograph a team, which also went ahead to win the title that season. Since then there was no looking back for Sandy Master.

Sandy Master Early Life & Birthdate

Sandy was born on the 5th of July, 1986 in Chennai, Tamilnadu. He also completed his school and college days in Chennai. Sandy married Dorathy Sylvia on 20th August, 2017 and their daughter was born on the 23rd May, 2018.

Sandy Master Career

His career as a choreographer started with the help of reality shows. After winning the title of the dance reality show Manada Mayilada as a choreographer, which was a cash amount, Sandy participated in the Manada Mayilada seasons 8 and 9 as an entertainer. He has also choreographed for various other reality shows on TV such as Kuniyona Bara and Challenge Show. With his popularity climbing with every reality show, Sandy soon became one of the judges of Kings of Dance Season 2, which is a reality show on Vijay TV channel.

Sandy’s fame was on a steady rise. It was quite natural for him to catch the attention of the film industry. He soon got an opportunity to choreograph in the movie Aaaah in the year 2014, which was basically a horror movie. Soon he got opportunities to work in numerous other movies such as Ivanuku Thannila Gandam in the year 2015 and Viraivil Isai also in the year 2015. Sandy was given an opportunity to choreograph a song by Silambarasan in the movie Vaalu in the year 2015. This practically opened a gateway for Sandy in the film industry. He soon got calls to work as a choreographer in several other movies such as Saagasam (2016), Gethu (2016), Jumbulingam 3D (2016), and Jithan 2 (2016).

Sandy got the opportunity of his lifetime when he got a chance to choreograph the Superstar Rajnikanth in the movie Kaala. He has choreographed both the introduction song, as well as the climax song in the movie.

Sandy Master as an Actor

Apart from working as a choreographer in the film industry, Sandy Master has also acted in a few movies. He started off in a comedy movie named Ivanuku Thannila. He acted in the role of Maika along with other actors such as Rajendran, Deepak, Elango Kumaravel, and Sentrayan. He had also danced in a song in the same movie along with Gana Bala. Sandy has also done a cameo role in the Thappattam Song in the movie Viraivil Isai, as well as, in the Mutta Bajji song in the movie Gethu.

Sandy Master and His Personal Life Before Marriage

Even before he married Dorathy, Sandy was in love with Kajal. However, their relationship did not last long due to the dominating nature of Kajal. After their separation, Sandy was interviewed about this broken relationship with Kajal. However, he soon broke down in the interview and pleaded the press not to question him anymore. Even after marrying his longtime girlfriend Sylvia, Sandy had cried numerous times due to the numerous things he had lost in life. However, those have become history and he does not wish to remember those losses any more.

Rare Facts about Sandy Master

  • Sandy loved Kajal a lot before marrying Sylvia.
  • Sandy is highly active on social media especially Twitter and Facebook.
  • No matter the location or the time, Sandy never fails to entertain the crowd with his dance moves.
  • Yoga is the secret behind the dance steps performed by Sandy. He practices yoga every day.
  • Cooking mouth-watering delicacies and singing songs are the other things in life that Sandy likes to do apart from dancing.

Just like Sandy, there are many out there who love to dance and have also performed in some or many reality dance shows on television. However, very few of them have successfully made it to the film industry. It is not just dancers, singers and even standup comedy artists have made it to the film industry. However, most of them have made it through after performing on a reality show. If you are really good in what you do and have won titles on such shows, you will eventually catch the attention of someone from the film industry.

Until then, life may have several tough times to throw at you just like it did to Sandy Master. The stronger and more determined you are the faster you will taste success in life. Sandy participated in several reality dance shows after which he made it to the film industry. He got that one single chance from his dance guru that he grasped with both his hands. He capitalized on that single opportunity that was granted to him by his teacher and finally made a mark in the film industry. Along with choreography, Sandy also got the chance to act in movies.


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