Sameera Sherief Biography: Height, Weight, Age, Family, TV, Wiki & More

India is a country where both movie and television series stars share almost similar level of popularity. Speaking of television stars, there are many who are popular actors in South India and work only in TV series. They have achieved great popularity by performing on numerous television shows. One of them is Sameera Sherief. She is one of the famous TV series actresses, who is predominantly seen in South Indian television shows and soaps. She has worked for both Telugu and Tamil series during her acting career.

Early Life of Sameera Sherief

Sameera was born in the year 1991 in Hyderabad. Her father is a businessman and his mother a housewife. Sameera had no motive at all for pursuing an acting career. She is good at dancing and she once performed a dance performance in her father’s office. Seeing her dancing skills, people started suggesting her to pursue acting as her career. This made her think about the suggestions.

During her college life, Sameera loved to play cricket and volleyball. In fact, she wanted to become a sportsperson and she had even played at the district level. Her primary goal was to become a sportsperson and then a politician. She planned that becoming a sportsperson will help her get votes during her career as a politician. She wanted to become the Chief Minister of her state. While shooting, she prefers to shoot chase scenes as this helps her portray herself as a sportsperson, as well.

Sameera Sherief Love Life

Sameera is engaged to Syed Anwar, who is also an actor. It so started that both Sameera and Anwar’s mother were acting for the same Telugu program and Sameera had no idea that she had a son. One day when she was in a shopping mall, she accidentally met Anwar, who said that he was her fan and wished to click a selfie with her. After seeing the photo, Anwar’s mother revealed it to her that he was her son and he really likes her acting skills. Sameera took Anwar’s phone number from his mother to wish him on his birthday. Soon they started chatting and they gradually fell in love with each other.

Sameera Sherief Career

Sameera started her acting career from an early age of 17 years. She started her career by acting in a Telugu series named as Adapilla in the year 2006. The series was aired on ETV channel. She happens to be one of the versatile actresses in the television industry who has acted in mother roles, villain roles, and lead roles. She had also participated in one of the reality shows Rangam along with co-actor Prabhakar.

She started her career in Tamil shows from Pagal Nilavu. The series was telecasted on Vijay TV. Both Sameera and her fiancé are seen acting in the lead roles for this show. Anwar was the first actor to be chosen for the lead role in this show. Once the production house was going through Anwar’s pictures on Facebook and saw his pic with Sameera. They requested him to seek Sameera for the female lead role for the same show. She obviously accepted the offer.

Sameera is also a producer apart from being an actress in the television industry. She, along with her fiancé Anwar, has produced a television show named Rekka Katti Parakkudhu that is being shown on Zee Tamil Channel.

Lesser Known Facts about Sameera Sherief

  • Even before Sameera and Anwar started acting together, they were in love with each other.
  • In a wedding scene between Anwar and Sameera in the television show Pagal Nilavu, she actually got emotional and started crying when Anwar tied the knot to her.
  • She wishes to continue acting even after she gets married.


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