Salman Khan the good looking Bollywood hunk turns 45 today the 27th of December, he has been in the headlines for most of 2010. Let’s find out why?

Well, to begin with his film released earlier this year Veer, had a very pretty new girl Zarine Khan who was the splitting replica of Salman’s girl friend at that time Katrina Kaif. Now even before Salman himself realized that Zarine looked exactly like Kat, the gossip mongers worked in full swing to make him also agree ultimately that yes, Zarine did look like his girlfriend Kat a lot. Even though the movie was a disaster at the box office, Salman Khan’s popularity did not wane.

His second release Dabangg was one of the few super hit blockbusters of the year and his role as Chulbul Pandey was just the talk of the nation for a good year.

Then came his stint on the small screen. The ‘Bigg Boss Season 4′ which started in October has been one of the most popular reality shows on the television and having the dude Salman Khan hosting it in his own style has made it even more popular with the viewers.

Salman Khan’s other claim to the being on the most popular celebrity of the year was his charity organization ‘Being Human’, where he has contributed in various ways to help out the kids in need. His efforts to raise money by holding fashion shows, launching the brand ‘Being Human’ watches, giving a watch each to each inmate of the Bigg Boss house eviction are all reasons enough to make this hunk the most talked about star of the year.

Then there is his growing closeness to SRK’S friends like KJO, who is supposed to pay Salman for coming to his chat show ‘Koffee with Karan’, where the money will go to the ‘Being Human’ foundation, to his growing fondness to SRK’S once good friend Farah Khan with whom he appeared on various TV shows as a guest, all made headlines during the year. The one breaking news was when Shahrukh had said in a show that probably his enmity with Farah and Salman were his own fault, which all again had Salman grabbing attention from media. Then there is the news about his alleged wedding to co-actor Asin, which of course turned out to be a squib.

Well, since Salman Khan’s birthday is today, he was wished well in advance by  Katrina  Kaif, as she had had been spotted going to his Bandra home to visit him and his family to wish him on Saturday night itself. She was reportedly there for more than an hour. This gesture from Kat has once again proved their detractors wrong as the two share a great friendship even now, as opposed to what was being said.

We too wish this star a very Happy Birthday and a fantastic year ahead!


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