Saif Ali Khan is a man with absolute taste and style. Thus while going in for investing in a pent house for himself a few years back, he and his muse Kareena had picked one which was available far above the other high rises in a suburb in Mumbai.

According to tabloid reports, the pent house which was extremely well furnished with the minutest details given by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena as they wanted it. Thus the pent house has come out extremely well planned and beautiful plush interiors make it an absolute heaven.

But just in a few years time, the sky scraper that has the pent house of Saif Ali Khan is surrounded by many taller skyscrapers and some of the buildings have their flats extremely opposite to Saif’s. This fact was too much for the couple as there would be no privacy for them. Adding to that Saif was cheesed off due to the fact that all the neighboring flats had people drying their laundry in their balconies which was quite an eyesore for the Chotte Nawab and his sweetheart to tolerate.

Thus, reports suggest that now Saif is planning to sell off his pent house which he had so painstakingly decorated, all because he is fed up of his neighbors.

But the bright side on this dark cloud is that Saif will part with it only if he gets some profit out of it. That is to say that since property and real estate prices have doubled since the time he had bought the pent house. So gaining a profit out of selling this pent house is certainly Saif’s prerogative isn’t it?


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