Russell Brand and Katy Perry are all set to tie the knot in true blue Indian style over this weekend and the Indian media, too, is leaving no stone unturned to keep the couple’s fans updated on each minute detail in relation to the wedding. According to the latest reports, Katy Perry has just concluded the traditional ‘nath’ ceremony, and the Indians in Jaipur are speculating that like David and Posh Beckham, Brand and Perry too will be seated on giant thrones during the marriage; but with a difference. British funnyman Russell Brand will reportedly come into the ceremony area riding a white horse to sway his singer wife Katy Perry off her feet.

The guests who have flown in from the US had reportedly been on a tiger safari in the greenery of Rajasthan, while the couple were busy seeking the blessings of a Hindu priest and trying out the ornate seats that will be used during the wedding ceremony. The celebrations are supposed to take place for a period of four days, during which Russell Brand and Katy Perry will not only throw an Indian feast for their American guests, but will also stick to everything Indian, starting from costumes to elephants and horses, and Bollywood style dancing to snake charmers.

The couple is surely keen to follow the traditional Indian Hindu way when it comes to marriage. And while Russell Brand will ride the white horse, Katy Perry will apply the henna, albeit in tattooed form!


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