Imagine’s latest reality show, Desi Girl, is the one to watch for this season. In keeping with the unique theme of the show, eight ‘divas’ from the television fraternity will be vying to be tagged the ultimate ‘Desi Girl’. But it is not going to happen easily as these bombshells will be required to live in a real village in Punjab and perform tasks which range from washing clothes to making cow dung to bathing buffaloes.

A source revealed to TellyCafe, “It is a very different show and has some very innovative and fun-filled tasks which are going to be performed by the girls in pairs.”

When contacted, one of the contestants, Rucha Gujrati, said, “Out of all the tasks that we have done, I’m going to remember the one in which we were supposed to handle cow dung. Gosh, I have never held cow dung and had to close my eyes during the task. But all in all it was an amazing experience.”

She added, “I’ve been a pampered child and have never been exposed to rural life, never stayed alone. So it was like experiencing a new lifestyle altogether.”

Adds the source, “One of the tasks required the girls to wash actual buffaloes. They even had to catch running chickens and earn scores depending on the number of chickens they collected. It was hilarious. But the best part was when they were required to dress up their buffaloes for a buffalo fashion show!”

Keep watching this space for more on this show.


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