An actor’s job ain’t rosy as it seems and who else would agree more than actor Rubina Dilaik of Chhoti Bahu fame. The poor girl had to bear the weight of a heavy plough for her track in the show.

A source says, “Radhika had kept the fact of being Dev’s (Avinash Sachdev) first wife under wraps, which is now disclosed. But the drama doesn’t end there as now the Panchayat has written something dreadful in Radhika’s fate.

In the upcoming episodes, Radhika will be penalized by the Panchayat for keeping them in the dark. She will have to face the agony of ploughing a whole field in a day and to make it worse she won’t be allowed a single drop of water. In fact, it will be so cruel that Radhika will be asked to keep poison in her mouth so even if she swallows her saliva, the toxicant will lead to her death.”

We contacted Rubina who confirms, “Yes, we are shooting this sequence where I have to plough a field. But it’s damn hot and the sun has no mercy on us. My shoulders are jammed and have turned red. But no worries, it’s a different experience as an actor.”

That’s like a true sport, Rubina!


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