Roshni Chopra tasted success with her role as the ambitious and glamorous Pia in Zee Tv’s popular daily Kasam Se with her performance gaining appreciation from the audiences. And though Roshni was seen in a number of avatars post Kasam Se hosting shows and appearing in reality shows her character as the outspoken Pia still seems to be having a strong influence on Roshni.

The starlet was recently spotted in a restaurant with some friends where she was apparently in her popular talkative mode and after going on and on chattering endlessly the lass suddenly turned to the waiter saying, “You know what, there is no point in you having taken the orders before we took our seats because it’s been some 45 minutes since we’ve been waiting.”

Well, the waiter having received the shock of his life had no option but to go scurrying away into the kitchen making haste. What’s with the starry attitude girl!


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