Rod Stewart has confessed that he was forced to put his eldest daughter for adoption, as he could not afford to raise her.

The 65-year-old star, now a multi-millionaire, said he could not afford to raise Sarah Streeter as a struggling 17-year-old vocalist.

“I was absolutely stone broke, I didn’t have a pot to p*** in,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

Rod, whose wife Penny Lancaster is expecting his eighth child, spoke of Sarah, 47, on a US chat show.

He admitted he made little effort to be part of her life at first but he got in touch when her adoptive parents died.

“We’ve tried to come together. It’s working out pretty well,” he added.

He also spoke of son Sean, 30, arrested on suspicion of driving on a suspended license saying, “It was all a mistake. We let him stay a few hours in the nick – do him good.” (ANI)

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