The renowned director Rishi Mukherjee has just come back from Nepal where he finished the shooting schedule for his next film ‘Punarutthan’. The director and his crew members went to Nepal on October 7 and returned on October 13. The entire team had a grueling time canning the shots for the upcoming film. Rishi told us that his team had gone to Nepal to shoot for a couple of scenes and two song sequences. The songs included the English versions of Tagore’s ‘Purano sei diner kotha’ and ‘Ki Jani Ki Je Holo’.

The cast and crew members landed at the Kathmandu Airport and started on their way toward Pokhara. The director had a tough time canning the shots because of the foggy weather, which did not go well with the song sequences.  Despite certain difficulties, the unit members managed to can the shots with clockwork precision.

The cast of the new film includes stalwarts of Indian cinema like Victor Banerjee, Reema Lagoo and Rituparna Sengupta. All the actors were happy with their experiences in Nepal.  The film stars Priyanshu Chatterjee opposite Rituparna Sengupta. Right now the film maker is taking a break from his hectic schedule at Gorumara, where he is scouting for locations for his upcoming film. All the best to Rishi Mukherjee and his team for their future projects.


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