Pop singer Rihanna has apparently left her legion of gay Aussie fans feeling disappointed and snubbed when she didn’t take to the stage at the official Mardi Gras after-party yesterday.

According to sources, organisers were “hoping” the platinum princess would make a last-minute decision to fill the headline slot of the annual uber bash, which she agreed to attend as a guest during the week.

But the Barbadian singer stayed hidden well accommodated in the artist area of the Entertainment Quarter while watching the set of DJ Calvin Harris – who is supporting her on tour – unbeknownst to the thousands of revelers on the dance floor.

“She wasn’t feeling it,” the Daily Telegraph quoted a backstage source as saying.

Ri Ri, who performed her ‘Only Girl’ show at Acer Arena earlier in the night, was on everyone’s lips during the parade parties, with many in the know saying that she was scheduled to sing three songs at 2am.

Yesterday Michael Rolik, CEO of New Mardi Gras, said that the perennial chart-topper was never slated to perform.

“Rihanna really wanted to come along and check out the Mardi Gras party. She came to see Calvin Harris’ set at 2.30am and what the whole party


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