December 28, 2010: Farah Khan is not facing criticism from the viewers and critics only for her latest release Tees Maar Khan. The choreographer turned director has got the best comment from fellow filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, whose Aag became the best example of a worst film.

After a long time, RGV has now got the opportunity to take a dig on someone else’s film and he did not miss the opportunity. Taking to Twitter, RGV posted that his Aagseems like Sholay in front of Farah Khan’s recently released Tees Maar Khan. However RGV made it clear that Farah is a close friend of him and he could not manage to watch the film yet and his tweet was just based on messages forwarded to him by other friends.

RGV said that he was fed up of seeing his Aag being always compared with a bad film. However, he should be a happy man now because Farah Khan has joined the league after Tees Maar Khan. The movie was creating lots of buzz before the release with its popular item number ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ but the entire craze faded as soon as the film released.

RGV has even gone on saying that TMK is ‘Farah Ki Aag’. Well, it seems that RGV has also accepted his film to be a standard bad film! We will wait to see Farah’s reaction on this comment.


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