With more twists and turns, high quality video game spirit and action bigger than ever, “Resident Evil: Retribution”, the fifth instalment of horror film series “Resident Evil”, promises a better entertainment this time.

“As a filmmaker, director Paul W.S. Anderson keeps pushing himself further each time out to make it as entertaining as possible with new elements that surprise the audience,” producer Jeremy Bolt said in a statement.

“This film has even more twists and turns than ever before. We tried to give it a video-game spirit that will engage fans more,” Bolt added.

Anderson added: It’s got global scope and the action is bigger than ever. We’ve become more adventurous with each movie, but with this one we’ve done something really spectacular.”

However, the sets and action stunts are hugely similar to that of original games.

“The movies have borrowed very freely from the games. Some of our sets were taken from the video game, so players will recognise those and get a kick out of them. And there has been some reverse influence as well. For example, the laser corridor from the first film and the Red Queen has found their way into the gaming franchise,” said the director.

“The film starts where it left. The end of the last film was an epic cliff-hanger and we really wanted to make it pay off at the start of this one, then go somewhere completely different. We have taken a huge conceptual leap with this movie,” he added.

The Sony Pictures’ movie is slated to release Sep 28.


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