Director Anees Bazmee’s movie Ready is surely ruffling a lot of feathers much before its release. After having shot quite a lot of the movie in Sri Lanka and getting noticed due to the fact that it had coincided with a popular Awards function in the island country, and as it has two great actors in the lead with hunk Salman Khan and Asin, there are recent feathers ruffled for a wedding sequence for the movie in Mumbai.

Tabloids went berserk reporting about the Salman Khan and Asin wedding as pictures of both stars getting married in the traditional Punjabi style were leaked on the net.

There were a flood of messages and calls that both the stars started getting as a result of such reports, but as it was declared that it was only a part of the film are shooting for a sequence that things cooled down. Now, the movie has suddenly gathered a lot of attention due to this wedding sequence and curiosity amongst fans has grown as to what the actual storyline of the film would be if the lead pair gets married sometime in the middle.

However, with this hype of the wedding scene the director, film makers would not be complaining as no publicity is bad publicity in Bollywood and this sort of an interest created for their project has certainly made Ready a much highlighted movie to be releasing in the coming year. It is a romantic comedy with a big banner, yet the publicity garnered through this hype of the wedding should be helpful to the film makers in keeping it in the news for a while at least.

Now it remains to be seen whether the interest in Ready will remain intact or it will be washed out of public memory the moment something else grabs headlines in B Town!


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