The police recently busted Ravi Teja’s siblings while they were busy buying cocaine from a dealer. The city police confirmed that they have drawn out a list of 65 celebrities from the Telugu film fraternity, who use cocaine regularly. These celebrities have been warned to mend their ways or else they will be arrested.

The strange thing is that drug abuse is not confined among the small time actors, the Police Department said that some superstars, directors and music composers are also involved in the act of abusing drugs. Struggling actors have been known to take up drugs to beat depression in the work place. Some of the superstars have checked themselves into the rehabilitation centers to get rid of the habit. Rehabilitation centers often fail to cure addiction, and the actors take up the drugs as soon as they are released.

According to an industry insider, a top filmmaker introduced this habit among other members of Tollywood and now it has become a trend in the Telugu film industry. Some of the industry leaders believe that a mere 65 offenders cannot tarnish the glorious tradition of the Telugu film fraternity. Renowned film maker Saikiran Adavi feels that the law will take its own course and punish the offenders.


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